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Steam trains, bees, roses and more…

As well as the cultural treasures in the Rosental castles, there are further remarkable museums in the region.


Rosental steam train and Historama museum / Rosentaler Dampfbummelzug und HistoramaA ride from Weizelsdorf to Ferlach can be a journey into the past, when you set off on the Rosental steam train. In summer and autumn, historical train coaches run on the local railway line, and in winter there are St. Nicholas and Christmas steam trains. The journey continues on into the Historama in authentic style: you arrive at the Museum für Technik und Verkehr / Museum of Technology and Traffic in a vintage bus. Spend a nostalgic afternoon with vehicles from the fifties!

Address: Auengasse 26, 9170 Ferlach
Information about the timetable and opening times: Telephone 0463/740 368 or 0664/530 1933 and on the homepage

Gunsmiths’ and Hunting Museum, Ferlach Castle / Büchsenmacher- und Jagdmuseum, Schloss FerlachSchloss Ferlach, likewise built in the 16th century, was newly-adapted for the Regional Exhibition in Carinthia in 1997   on the theme of hunting, “Alles Jagd… eine Kulturgeschichte”. Since then, it has accommodated the Büchsenmacher- und Jagdmuseum, as well as the special exhibition of the “Mythos Jagd – Sammlung Horten” trophy collection. A visit will introduce you to the refined art of the Ferlach gunsmiths, and you’ll marvel at many a trophy from the hunting collection.

Address: Sponheimer Platz 1, 9170 Ferlach
Information: Telephone 04227/4920 or www.ferlach.at

Carnica Bee Museum / Carnica Bienenmuseum Why not take a look at the long tradition of domestic and nomadic beekeeping in the Rosental? As far back as the first century A.D., local people were already benefiting from the busy labours of the native CARNICA or Carinthian bee, also called the “Noric bee”. For centuries, gingerbread bakers, wax-chandlers and traders from the big centres like Trieste, Salzburg and Vienna stocked up on products from the Rosental. You’ll find documents and traces of those times at the Carnica Bienenmuseum, where you can admire historical beehives, bee skeps, beekeeping tools and living observation beehives.

SPECIAL EXHIBITION – the medicine chest from the beehive:
• History - experienced with all your senses
• Carnica bee - see the queen bee – living bees
• Bee products - honey, wax, propolis, etc.
• Art - artists and their works

Address: Kirschentheuer 6, 9162 Strau
More information (in german language): here on this site

Spaziergang vorbei an lebenden Schaustöcken.
Fotos Bienenmuseum: BMLFUW/Rita Newman
Rose and Blacksmith Museum / Rosen- und Schmiedemuseum Over 6000 rose trees adorn the town of Feistritz in the Rosental, and beckon you to take a gloriously-coloured stroll. Lovers of this queen of flowers shouldn’t miss a visit to the Rosenmuseum in Suetschach, with its historical rose garden. At the same time, you’ll also learn something interesting about the skills of wrought iron work, and can marvel at many an antique tool.

Address: Suetschach 89, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Information: Telephone 04228/2035 or 0664/7362 8959
Further information on the village smithy and the Schmiedemuseum in Suetschach
Krampus House / Krampushaus The “Krampus” (a traditional masked “devil”) enjoys a long, living tradition in Suetschach. You can check it out for yourself at the Krampushaus, which was opened in 1994 and houses over 70 masks and costumes, which are also worn by the local lads each year at Advent.

Address: Suetschach 28, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Information: Telephone 0660 4301069