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Touring with skis or snowshoes

Nature is in hibernation. The snow softly crunches under your soles. The trees are clothed in white. The peaks of the Karawanken Mountains are glittering in the cold winter sun! Now and again, you hear the snorting of wild deer visiting the feeding places.

To hike in snowshoes is to experience nature in its most pristine form – go ahead and try it! You have no suitable equipment? No problem, equipment is at your disposal and experienced local hiking guides are happy to accompany you on your first tours.

No matter whether on Mt. Kosiak, Mt. Bielschitza or “only” as far as the Klagenfurter Hütte Alpine hut – the magnificent world of the Karawanken Mountains also invites you to enjoy wonderful skiing tours in untouched nature.

You’ll find more information at the KARAWANKENINFO portal
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