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Walk, trot, tolt or gallop

You can also explore the Rosental Valley wonderfully on horseback. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider – the Rosental riding centres have the right programme for you.

Riding centre Reithof SüdFor example, you can have a riding holiday in the town of Maria Rain. The Reithof Süd offers holiday and summer courses on Icelandic horses. Here, beginners and advanced riders of all ages can not only learn the basic gaits walk, trot and gallop, but also the gait called the “tolt”, which is typical of Icelandic ponies.

Address: 9161 Maria Rain
Information: Telephone 0650 / 777 33 20 or www.hevmar.com
Riding centre Reitstall Wakonig The Reitstall Wakonig, which is likewise located in the town of Maria Rain, 4 km south of Klagenfurt and the same distance again from Ferlach, has specialised in Haflingers. Whether it’s lessons on the lunge, rides lasting from one hour to a whole day, horse-jumping lessons or coach-driving – the extensive range of activities is bound to excite riding enthusiasts!

Address: Untertöllern 4, 9161 Maria Rain
Information: Telephone 04227 / 84092 oder auf www.reitstall-wakonig.com
Riding centre Reiterhof Gasser QYou can have qualified instruction in riding and vaulting with the Gasser family in the village of Köttmannsdorf. As well as guided rides and trail rides or coach rides, there‘s also a special riding programme for people with disabilities.

Address: Trabesing 2, 9071 Köttmannsdorf
Information: Telephone 04220 / 2860
Horse breeding at Gut Jagoutz - Paso Peruano Pferdezucht The horse breed Paso Peruano which is bred on this farm in the village of Zell, situated approx. 800 m above sea level, originally came from Peru. The Paso Peruanos are outstanding horses for country and recreational riding and are excellently well-suited for trail riding thanks to their special gait, the Paso Llano (similar to the tolt). Another special, very agreeable characteristic of these horses is that thanks to their unique way of moving their front legs, the Paso Peruanos can carry you almost without a jolt up to 100 km per day.

Address: Homölisch 3, 9173 St. Margareten
Information: Telephone 0676 / 401 4844