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Good fishing!

The reservoirs Feistritzer Stausee and Ferlacher Stausee, and also the "Kleine Drau" river, are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. And reservoir Freibacher Stausee is a real treasure for spin fishers and fly fishers.

Feistritzer and Ferlacher Stausee – River Drau
(area under the Forstamt Hollenburg forestry authority)
The partially rocky, mainly-forested northern bank of the Drau is still in a largely natural state along the approx. 8 kilometre fishing waters. Extensive areas of shallow water with belts of reeds, numerous bays and inner harbours, as well as the estuaries of the tributaries offer a very diverse aquatic structure, with a wide variety of species.)
Forstamt Hollenburg
Address: Hollenburg 1, 9161 Maria Rain
Telephone 04227 / 84 011
Kleine Drau – Fly-fishing for gourmetsThe greatest advantage of the Kleine Drau is that its water-level always remains constant, even in heavy rain or thunderstorms. So it’s still possible to fish in the Kleine Drau even at times when all the other rivers in the region are carrying floodwaters. The fishing is a real challenge, but it’s worth it - thanks to the frequently capital greylings, brown trout and rainbow trout.
Information: www.famfish.com
Freibacher Stausee This exquisitely-situated reservoir lies 730 metres above sea level. The fish population consists mainly of salmonoids, such as brown trout, rainbow trout and lake trout, as well as Arctic char and speckled trout and greylings. Enthusiastic anglers have even been able to hook chub and ferocious perch.
Information: www.famfish.com
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