Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
Im Sonnenwinkel Kärntens
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Krammer‘s llamas

You don’t need to travel to the South American Andes to find out whether llamas really spit. A trip to the Rosental’s enough! Normally, they only spit at each other to establish an order of precedence or to keep particularly bothersome fellow-llamas at a distance. But you never know!

About 15 years ago, Robert Krammer began to specialise in breeding llamas. In the meantime, with over 300 llamas, the llama stud farm in St. Jakob im Rosental has become the largest in Europe and, following his appearance in the ATV series “Bauer sucht Frau” (“The Farmer Wants a Wife”), Robert is certainly Austria’s most famous llama-breeder.

In accordance with the motto “Touring nature for pleasure with no load to carry”, Krammer, a qualified hiking guide, offers llama trekking tours. The guided tours can last one day or up to a week and are offered in winter as well.
Krammers Lamas
Address: Mühlbach 59, 9184 St. Jakob
Information: Telephone: 0664 / 522 4474 or www.lamagestuet.at