Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
Im Sonnenwinkel Kärntens
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Family paradise

Ride on the steam excursion train, stroll on the trail of the Knights of Rase and the Celts or simply explore life in the forest – in the Rosental, you can experience excitement and explore new things together. At EXPI in St. Margareten, a house full of experiments, you can discover the fascination of physics.

Rosental steam train / Rosentaler Dampfbummelzug Show your children what train travel used to be like. In summer and winter, historical train coaches run on the local railway line between Ferlach and Weizelsdorf. The steam engine hisses and puffs along the track and you feel you’ve been carried back in time. Special highlights for the kids are the St. Nicholas and Christmas steam trains.

You’ll find further information on the Rosental steam train here on our page!
Museum Keltenwelt Frög At the Celtic museum Keltenwelt Frög in the village of Rosegg, you get a chance to experience history in a completely different way – by strolling through it. An extensive system of paths leads you through the unique burial sites and offers you an insight into the way of life and the religious rituals at the time of the Iron-Age Hallstatt culture. Experience history at close quarters at the annual international Celtic gatherings, where “modern Celts” from all over Austria, Italy, Germany and Russia travel here to mightily turn time back together!
You’ll find further information on this museum here on our page!
Hands-On Science Centre EXPI EXPI is not only a great experience for the whole family, but also an extremely illuminating place for an excursion - in any weather! On a roofed-over exhibition area of over 400 m2, you can have a hands-on encounter with interesting, surprising and educational physical phenomena at about 40 experimentation stations. Watch how a tornado arises, make lightning flashes jump between two spheres, or have a go at being a TV moderator in front of a “blue box”. In accordance with the motto “having a go instead of watching”, at the EXPI you get the opportunity to really grasp natural laws – after all, it isn’t called the “Hands-On Science Center” for nothing!

Address: Gotschuchen 34a, 9173 St. Margareten im Rosental
Informationen: Telephone 0664 / 88512481 or www.expi.at