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Fun and excitement for the whole family

Over hill and dale on a llama, horse or "flying fox", mossy forest floors, idyllic hiking trails or through thrilling gorges – you’ll have some special experiences in the Rosental Valley!

Tscheppaschlucht The entrance to this ruggedly romantic gorge is gentle, and begins with the barefoot course. Walking and balancing on stones, fir cones, moss, water and mud, the whole family perceives nature in an entirely different way.
Continuing over steep tracks, ladders and bridges, the path leads uphill, where your breathing speeds up and the excitement mounts, reaching their culmination on the impressive winding stairs and the spectacular rope bridge to the waterfall Tschaukofall. The roaring water is your constant companion, creating a pleasant coolness.

Position: directly on the B 91 Loiplpass-Straße.
Information: Telephone 04227 / 2600-26 or www.ferlach.at
Top rope park / Waldseilpark TscheppaschluchtThose who’d rather not climb so high yet are still seeking a challenge will find just what they’re looking for here. This natural adventure playground, with its rope bridge, ropes and pulleys offers fun and excitement for the whole family. Baby, monkey, marmot or squirrel course, Tschepparutsche slide and Gorilla Flying Fox: you can test your skill on 6 high rope courses in a wide range of difficulty levels, and experience feeling really alive again. But you need to have a good head for heights to swoop down the 300 m Tschepparutsche slide, one of the longest Flying Fox installations in Austria, and look down at the Tscheppaschlucht 42 m below you.

Position: directly on the B 91Loiplpass-Straße
Information: Telephone 0664 / 1355743 or www.waldseilpark-tscheppaschlucht.at
Canyoning in the Tscheppaschlucht If you don’t want to just see the gorge from above, but to get right to the bottom of things, you’ll love canyoning. You alternate between goose-pimples and perspiration as the trail takes you jumping, sliding and swimming down. If necessary, you can also abseil down on a rope.

You’ll find further information on canyoning in the Tscheppaschlucht at the “high life” specialist shop in Klagenfurt.
Telephone 0463 / 595 189 or www.highlife.co.at