Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
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Continuing on the Rosentaler Kulturmeile / Rosental Culture Mile ...

Historical attractions, visual arts from the Alpine-Adriatic Region and a wide variety of bilingual events (German and Slovenian).

Gallery Kraigherhaus The 17th century Kraigherhaus in Feistritz is one of the oldest buildings at the centre of the village. In 1786, it came into the possession of the Kraigher family, who emigrated here from Friuli, Italy. An inn with a farm, village shop, tobacconist and from time to time, a post office - for over two centuries, the house was the social hub of the village. It was a centre of ferocious fighting during the war with the French in 1813, was painted by Markus Pernhart in 1864, the location of the referendum in 1920, and the haunt of many famous figures, such as the poet J.F. Perkonig, the Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg and others: the history of the house, which was restored in 1996, is extremely diverse. In 1997, a permanent memorial exhibition was installed, displaying a changing selection of works by the Carinthian-Moravian painter Otto Kraigher-Mlczoch (1886-1951), who grew up here.

Address: Am Kraigher Weg 25, 9181 Feistritz
Information: Telephone 04228/3220 or 0463/257 792.
Admission free!

Gallery Galerie Šikoronja Painting, graphics, sculptures and object art by contemporary artists of every generation, from Austria and the whole Alpine-Adriatic Region, have been on display at the Rosegg Gallery ever since it’s founding in 1985. Again and again, Carinthia’s cultural landscape has received fresh impetus, thanks to the gallery’s supra-regional initiatives.

Address: Galerieweg 5, 9232 Rosegg
Information: Telephone 04274 / 4422 or on the homepage
k&k cultural and communication centre Based on the initial idea of a museum in St. Johann, a centre for a wide variety of cultural interests has come into being over the past few years. The k&k club, founded in 1999, works to overcome linguistic and cultural, as well as generational, barriers through a diverse range of activities. The premises of the k&k centre are used in equal measure for historical and art exhibitions, and for theatrical performances and concerts. Bilingualism, a way of life cultivated by the members of the club, is central to all its activities.

Address: St. Johann 33, 9162 Strau
Information: Facebook or Information Portal slo.at
Gallery Galerie Gorše Works created in Suetschach by the academy sculptor Prof. France Gorše, the original owner of the house “Vrbnik-Haus”, are on display in the old barn there. The gallery is also used for events held by the Slovenian cultural society “Kočna”, which now owns the Vrbnik estate.

Address: Suetschach 42, 9181 Feistritz
Information: Telephone 04228/2373