Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
Im Sonnenwinkel Kärntens
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Glimpses of times long past

A journey through time back to our roots, and answers to the question of where we come from.

Celtic Museum Keltenwelt Frög In the village of Rosegg, you can gain an insight into the way of life, the social structure and the religious rituals from the mysterious times of the Iron-Age Hallstatt culture. The sacred grove of the Noreians, the Celtic ruler’s hall, Roman stones from the River Drau, the defence tower and the battlement parapet, and the newly-reconstructed ruler’s house: you can see and experience early Celtic culture within the extensive grounds of the Keltenwelt Museum. A system of paths leads you through the burial sites to one of the largest Celtic rulers’ graves, which, now converted into a display grave, offers fascinating insights into the funereal cults of the past.
Internationales Keltentreffen 2010
One special feature of the Keltenwelt Museum is the international Celtic gathering which has taken place there since 2007, and which for a few days transforms Frög into a Celtic world.

Address: Bergweg 22, 9232 Frög bei Rosegg
Information: Telephone 04274/52554 or 0676/842 350 205 and on the homepage
Archaeology Museum Haus der Archäologie Surface finds allow one to conclude that the 772 metre Mt. Kathreinkogel in the village of Schiefling has been a human settlement since the 7th century B.C. On the peak plateau, a 10000 m2 fort, which dates from Roman times, was built and used between the 2nd and 5th centuries A.D. In the Haus der Archäologie, which was built in 1986/87 over an excavated cistern, you’ll learn much that is valuable and illuminating about human history in Europe, and gain insight into the work of archaeologists.

Address: Kathreinkogel, 9535 Schiefling
Information: Telephone 04274/2275-22 or 0664/584 6108 and on the homepage
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