Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
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Sculptures in wood, grass and stone

Artists have left their marks in many visible or half-hidden places, making the Rosental Valley into a park of sculptures with their internationally-known works.

Landart is a school of art which developed in the USA during the 1960s. Artists go out and shape space, using the materials provided by nature. The works made of wood, stone, grass, etc. are part of nature and thus subject to a constant process of change.
Ziggurat / Zikkurat In the village of Ludmannsdorf, the brothers Ed and Thomas Hoke, together with Armin Guerino, redesigned the Selkacher Bucht bay with a whirlpool-shaped inner harbour, a hill laid out in a spiral and a dam shaped like a row of waves. The Landart project Zikkurat, initiated by the Kunstbau Saager art group, invites one to stroll and linger.
Wellsprings of Heaven / Himmelsquellen This sculpture, by the artist Elke Maier, was created in 2004. Filigree meshes of birchwood, decorated with an epidermis of glued cell fibres, are designed as a “light-body”.  “Himmelsquellen” can be viewed at Castle Schloss Ferlach.
Gateway to the Rosental Valley / Tor zum RosentalThe artist Johann Freilacher, a native of Villach, has designed a group of sculptures made from several oak trunks in front of the inn Gasthof Singer in Unterschlossberg. It‘s well worth a visit, not least due to the magnificent view.
You can find further information on the artist’s website.
Garden Maze / Labyrinth In July 2001, the largest garden maze, in which over 3000 hornbeams form a 1 km hedge, was opened between Castle Schloss Rosegg and its animal park.
Information: www.rosegg.at
A living, growing piece of furniture /Wachsende Möbel In the castle park of Ferlach, two growing chairs made of osier branches (pollarded willows) were planted in the spring of 2006. The special characteristic of the osiers is that they are initially wet with water and can thus be easily bent. Over time, they’ve shaped themselves into real pieces of furniture, which invite visitors to linger and rest.
land.art rosegg Also in the village of Rosegg, the approximately 3 km land.art hiking trail invites you to take a “cultural stroll”. Many fascinating sculptures have come into being within the framework of an art project which has now already lasted for several years, and these can be admired on a walk lasting about one hour. Some of the objects are, however, so intertwined with nature that they can only be seen by an attentive observer.
Information: www.rosegg.gv.at
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