Kärnten: Carnica Rosental
Im Sonnenwinkel Kärntens
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Marks in stone, wood and glass

The master builders of old have left their marks on the Rosental Valley. Their works - dreaming castles in the valley or a mighty fortress on a rock, visible from afar, today accommodate modern art, the skills of handicraft, the history of hunting and historical figures of the past. No matter whether in the style of Landart or Drau art, the master builders of today are shaping nature.

Castle HollenburgHollenburg, built about 1142, is one of the loveliest castles in Carinthia, offering a breathtaking view of the Rosental. During the summer months, it provides an impressive setting for events and concerts.

Address: Hollenburg 1, 9161 Maria Rain
Telephone 04227/84011 or 04220/2203.
Castle Schloss EbenauThe Renaissance Schloss Ebenau, built by the Barons of Dietrichstein in the 16th century, is today the home of the Walker Gallery, which displays contemporary Austrian and international art. One major focus is the work of the important Carinthian artists Kiki Kogelnik, Bruno Gironcoli and Hans Bischoffshausen. The magnificent castle park contains about 20 sculptures, the castle café is a place to encounter art, culture and history - and the old walls present a wonderful contrast to the modern works of art.

Address: Weizelsdorf, 9162 Feistritz i. R.
Informationen: Telephone 0664/3453280 or 0650/2130505 and on the homepage www.galerie-walker.at
Castle Schloss FerlachSchloss Ferlach, likewise built in the 16th century, was re-adapted to house the Carinthian Regional Exhibition entitled “Hunting…a Cultural History” in 1997. Ever since then, it has accommodated the Gunsmiths’ and Hunting Museum, as well as a special exhibition of the “Mythos Jagd – Sammlung Horten”“. trophy collection. A visit here will introduce you to the refined artistry of the Ferlach gunsmiths, and you’ll marvel at many a trophy from the hunting collection.

Address: Sponheimer Platz 1 A, 9170 Ferlach
Information: Telephone 04227/4920 or www.ferlach.at
Castle Schloss Rosegg was built by Prince Orsini-Rosenberg for his Italian lover, Madame Lucrezia, in 1772. Its second owner, Peter, Knight of Bohr, founded the famous Carinthian animal park, which is today also the richest in different species, where you’ll find lynxes, bullish bisons, cheeky monkeys as well as many tame animals to pet. Since 1831, the castle has been in the possession of the Lichtenstein family, who enlarged it to include the Madame Lucrezia Wax Cabinet at the end of the 1990s. Since then, visitors have been welcomed by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Napoleon and German TV host Thomas Gottschalk. Since 2001, guests have also been able to try finding their way out of the garden maze, where over 3000 hornbeams form a 1 km hedge.

Address: 9232 Schloss Rosegg 1
Information: Telephone 04274/3009 or www.rosegg.at