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There are rules for mountain bikes too

What to watch out for before each bike tour, and the rules which must be observed in open country...

1. Stay on sign-posted tracks: only these are properly insured
2. Follow the available maps with tour descriptions
3. Stay on surfaced tracks: riding across country is not only bad for the environment, but can also be dangerous
4. Adjust your speed to visibility, don’t overestimate your own abilities, appraise your capabilities carefully
5. Hikers always have right of way before mountain bikers
6. Take care of nature, keep the environment clean, don’t be noisy
7. Be careful around forestry work, etc., obey notices
8. Always close gates to pastures and fields
9. Don’t cycle at dusk (animals, hunters)
10. Check your equipment before setting out
11. You have an obligation to give first aid to others
12. Never cycle without a helmet
13. No alcohol: it reduces concentration

Remember, before every bike tour:
- Inform others of your schedule for the day
- Check the weather situation (risk of storms!)
- Inspect your equipment (brakes, tyres, gears)
Don‘t forget:
- Rucksack or pannier,
- repair kit or spare inner tube, air pump, small tools,
- first-aid dressing material,
- wind and rain protection, spare shirt,
- food and drink, a little spare cash,
- sport shoes,
- emergency phone numbers (European emergency number 112, Ambulance 144, Mountain rescue 140)

The Tourismusverband Carnica-Region Rosental (Tourism Association) and the authors of the route descriptions hereby declare that the contents and descriptions of these tours have been compiled according to the best of their knowledge, in the full awareness that this data serves to enable others to likewise cycle the routes concerned. Neither the Tourismusverband Carnica-Region Rosental nor the authors accept any liability for the correctness of the data, as the on-the-spot situation may have changed due to natural occurrences (e.g. a bridge washed away, etc.) or due to other specific circumstances. In such a case, the person concerned must react in an appropriate way on their own responsibility. Cyclists shall follow the routes described here at their own risk: following them may be connected with the usual ever-present risks of spending time in the mountains. No liability can be accepted for damage of any kind which may arise due to accidents or to other problems, as when undertaking mountain bike tours in Alpine terrain, each mountain biker bears the sole personal responsibility for selecting the route, finding the route in open country, appraising their own capabilities and experience, as well as the Alpine hazards. Any liability is therefore precluded.