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Bouldering and slacklining

Even if the weather occasionally refuses to play along, climbing fans don’t have to miss out on their favourite hobby in the Rosental.

Climbing with special holds and at jump altitude without a safety rope is called “bouldering”. And “slacklining” is when you balance on a tubular tape stretched between two attachment points. That’s quite enough explanation for anyone who has no idea what these terms mean - because you don’t need to be a climbing pro to have a go at this sport. Improve your sense of balance, concentration and coordination: just have a go!
Fun and excitement are guaranteed on a 14 m-high, 400 m2 climbing wall in Wahaha Paradise, with a wide range of difficulty levels. Beginners can embark on their first climbing experiences under professional guidance, while experienced climbers will also be inspired by the professional climbing wall. If you’ve forgotten your equipment – no problem! You can rent a complete set of equipment right here.
And where exactly?

Fun & Family Resort WAHAHA Paradise
Feriendorf 1, 9181 Feistritz i. Ros.

Boulderraum SV St. Johann / ŠD Šentjanž
9162 St. Johann